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By xXAdminKnifedXx » 10 months ago
Hey, my name is xXAdminKnifedXx, and I have a few suggestions for the server. 
  • Suggestion 1: Armor Stand Editing - The server should include a plugin in which you can edit armor stands and give it items, rotate it, and other things.
  • Suggestion 2: Slimefun - I know it has been frowned upon, but Slimefun has been known to be one of the best plugins for Minecraft. I'm talking jetpacks, inventory pets, overpowered swords, more crafting machines,  and all sorts of other things.
  • Suggestion 3: Extra kinds of servers - The server should include certain sub-servers such as Creative, Skyblock, and other things. 
  • Suggestion 4: Custom items: the server should possibly include custom items with special abilities in order to provide extra power to certain players.
  • Suggestion 5 (final): Custom prefixes: Players should be able to unlock something in either the vote shop or purchased in the shop to be able to create custom prefixes (i.e {Legend} into {Doggo})
I hope you can consider these suggestions and possibly add them into the server. Thank you.